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Why Making Mistakes is Good for Your Business

When I sent out last week’s newsletter, it was pointed to out to me that there was a little hiccup in the greeting. Maybe you noticed it yourself and maybe you didn’t. (To be honest, I didn’t even realize it at first.) The opening of the email looked a little something like this:

Hi Kristen,

Hi [first name],


I briefly thought about sending out another email right away acknowledging or apologizing the mistake. Then I thought about how many emails I get that contain broken links, misspelled words, or small errors like this. Not a big deal.

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Do you have students or clients?

This past weekend, I had the chance to unexpectedly connect with a good friend and fellow teacher of mine. I’ll call him Brian, because that’s his name. Brian is a passionate and dedicated yogi who is always up for a meaningful conversation about any aspect of yoga.

So, Brian and I are having one of our long, meandering discussions, and at some point, he starts talking about how, as a yoga teacher, he doesn’t have clients. He has students.

This kind of blew my mind.

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