You Got a Friend


(These guys. Love.)

Oh friends. Those beautiful people who act as our mirrors. They remind us who we are, they inspire us to become who we want to be, and they offer love and support when we are scared, lonely, or just plain exhausted.

This week I was at a party, catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. We were having a discussion about actor day jobs, and she was telling me that she had taken my advice in recently quitting a day job that was no longer serving her.

My advice, I asked?

Yes of course, she said. You told me that the money you need will always be there. That you can’t stay in a job you hate because you’re afraid you’ll never find anything else. Take a chance, and it will always show up. You will always be okay.

How profound, I thought. How intelligent that sounds, and how wise. I really said that?

How could she know that it was exactly what I needed to hear? That in fact, I am leaving a long-standing job at the end of this year, and that, also in fact, I am terrified? She called me back to an older self, someone who maybe had a little more savings and a little less to lose, but a version of me, someone with a brashness and confidence I do not want to lose or forget.

It’s just- one of life’s little miracles. Right words, right time. Literally taking my own advice.

I want to hear- what coincidences, chance meetings of fate, have popped up in your life recently?

Be well.