It’s nearly here.  Can you feel it in the air?  Summer of YES is on its way.

Now, a formal rendition of Summer of Yes is pretty serious business.  Technically, the rules state that the parties involved in a SOY pact CANNOT SAY NO to anything another party suggests.  Not for the entire summer.  There is no too far, too tired, too expensive or too illegal.  Following the strictest set of rules leads to three months of complete debauchery.

Now, I don’t plan to lose my job or steal a car, and I definitely want to remember every single moment of the next few months.  Inevitably, however, I feel the pull just as the weather begins to (hopefully for good this time) heat up.  I want to spend more time outside, watching movies in parks and planning picnics.  I want to see all those dear ones in my life and talk a little less, laugh a little more.  I want to lose track of time completely as I dance the night away to the songs that will give Summer 2013 its own unique identity.  (Macklemore anyone?)

Night that are a little too late.  Mornings that come a little too early.  Being soaked through with sweat and not caring a bit (I have lots of practice on this one!).  New friends brought about by the boldness to talk to strangers.  Knowing for certain that youth is not a number but a state of mind.  The thrill that comes with affirming, rather than negating, the celebration of life.  The promise of summer is that anything can happen.  Maybe we are more reptilian than we think- heat up our blood, make us warm, and we want to move, explore, touch, see, taste, do, feel- all of it, more of it. 

Dreams don’t disappear and goals don’t get erased.  But just as we cycle through our days, sleeping and waking, there seems to be an annual cycle we naturally respond to as well.  Something different in the rhythm of our heartbeats, telling us that there is fun and excitement to be had, if we will only listen to the call.  When it comes calling for you, be ready to throw on your shoes and head out the door.  Because what is Summer of YES but another method of moving beyond your comfort zone and giving yourself permission to live fully? 

Pump a fist.  Raise a glass.  Holler nice and loud.


Be well.

*photo courtesy of Pinterest