World on Fire


I had a conversation with a friend today. The kind you walk away from feeling invigorated, open to possibility, and ready to take over the world. Well, at least ready to get home and compose your next blog post.

Passing the Bechdel Test with flying colors, we launched into an amazing conversation about creativity, travel, and routines. We talked about women, and yoga, and getting unstuck, and the realization that glamorous as it sounds, leaping into the abyss to pursue your dreams is not always the best option available.

I've mentioned before that I spend a fair amount of time working and writing alone-  when I'm not at the studio or with a client, it's me and my laptop (and that's a complicated relationship). I like it that way. I can burn the candles I like to smell, play the music that helps me relax, and crawl onto my mat for a few sun salutations between sentences whenever I want.

And yet, there is such power in connecting with a physical person, sitting there right across from you. Especially when that person is passionate about- anything really. It's the light in their eyes that makes the impact, more than the words they're speaking. When we choose to express ourselves fully, to let things matter to us and to care deeply, we give such gifts to the people around us- opportunity, hope, and the chance to set somebody else's heart aflame.

If you dare to take it to the edge this week: Choose one person in your life who inspires you.  Call them up. Go out for coffee. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Let the conversation be meaningful, let it matter to you. Light each other up. Then go set the world on fire.



*title (Aww, Sarah McLachlan will always make me think of my best friend the era of the Lilith Fair)