The Most Wonderful Time


Readers, how are you?  Did you have a spooky Halloween and a gracious, grateful Thanksgiving?  Are you keeping one another warm in this freezing weather?  Fall seems a distant memory, and these days my shoulders are perpetually hunched by my ears in an effort to stay warm.

The biggest distraction of my last couple of months has been that I moved!  I’m still in the same zip code, but I found a great deal on a one-bedroom apartment that is totally, completely, gloriously mine. 

The most exciting news by far, however, is that I am soon to become an aunt.  Not just to these guys:


But to a real live teeny-tiny baby girl.  There is so much to say about this I could (and intend to!) go on for a lifetime.  I am absolutely thrilled for my sis and brother-in-law.

Now, it’s far too late to write the thoughts about non-attachment I had while packing up my possessions.  And a post on gratitude is so not even relevant.

So instead, I just want to write about how this is my absolute FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR.  I love all holidays, but in my mind there has never been any question that Christmas is THE holiday.  I think twinkle lights are a rare instance where technology has improved on nature’s beauty.  The smell s of cinnamon and pine make me feel at home, wherever I am.  Come December 1st, I get the irresistible urge to bake the chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies we still make every year with my mom. (Note: much harder to get rid of said cookies when you work with yoga teachers and live alone)

Every device I own is set to Pandora Christmas round the clock, and I greet the songs like old friends- Bing Crosby!  Burl Ives!  Transiberian Orchestra!  I’ve missed you so.  Christmas is trying to squeeze in time for a viewing of It’s A Wonderful Life (black and white only, please) with my dad amid all the cooking, cleaning, and socializing with family.  And it’s never being able to put into words all the traditions through all the years, the family meals and the gift exchanges, the ugly sweater parties and decorating the tree, building a fire in Florida when it’s 70 degrees out, coming home to find your brother-in-law has put the donkey from the nativity on the stable roof. 

As a yogi, I’m taught to observe sensation when it arises, to be aware.  And like the Grinch, everything about this time of year makes my heart feel bigger.  It’s the warmth in my chest that makes it bearable when I can no longer feel my toes.  Super corny metaphor?  Sorry/not sorry- when it comes to Christmas, I’m sentimental, old-fashioned, and proud of it.

So readers, I hope you find some cheer headed your way as well as 2013 heads to a close.  Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope some joy finds its way into your heart.   Mine is full with love for you.

Stay warm and Be well.


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