Take a Little Trip

On this particular Thursday, I’m writing from the depths of LaGuardia Airport. My boyfriend and I are headed to Tampa International for a long weekend of sun, (slightly) warmer weather, and plenty of QT (quality time) with family and friends.

Truth be told, we are both feeling pretty haggard. He had a late night at work, a canceled and rescheduled flight, and an overnight thunderstorm that kept him up for hours. I had a 90-minute drive home to NYC last night- which turned into a three hour drive, complete with torrential rains and high winds, and an early class to teach this morning. I’m not sure who will lay their head down on the tray table first.

And yet neither of us have lost it completely, exhausted as we are. There have been no tears angry outbursts. That beautiful word vacation lies before us, and even though our flight has now been delayed two hours, I know that with those first steps in the Sunshine State, the drama of the last few hours will quickly fade away.

I wonder what makes vacations so special, what gives them the magical healing powers they seem to possess. Is it the coming or the going? The getting away or the arriving at? Maybe it’s the permission to prioritize what we know deep down is most important to us, rather than getting caught up in what seems “urgent” or “necessary” in the daily grind. What would it take for us to give ourselves this permission, without the plane and a few hundred miles of distance? (update- now delayed two and a half hours)

Or maybe I’m reading too much into this. Maybe we love to travel to different places precisely because they’re different. I expect if I found myself on vacation for too long, I’d start to yearn for the good old days of my other life, for meaning and structure and even the obligations that can sometimes seem tedious. The experience is meant to be fleeting, whether it’s counted in days or weeks, and we are meant to move on. It’s a practice of non-attachment in that way; we learn to be content with what we have, when we have it, and let go of what is no longer ours.

So…we are still here, waiting expectantly, for the flight to take off (update- three and a half hours and counting). We will be transported this weekend, in more ways than one, and I cannot WAIT. Weather delays, you can’t stop us. Bring out the engineers to inspect any systems you want. Sooner or later, we’re getting off the ground, and once we do, we’re not coming back (till Monday).



P.S. Update- we made it! It was a wonderful weekend :)