Summer of Yes- Month 2


You guys.  It’s going well.  So very well.

Summer of Yes 2013 has, thus far, been exhilarating.  It is incredibly liberating to answer in the affirmative.  I am finally taking advantage of all this beautiful city has to offer.  I am passing humid days and breezy nights celebrating life with people I love.  My tan is the best it’s been since I moved away from Florida, without even trying.  And it’s only the start of Month 2!

A few things I have done so far:

*Visited new parks (Prospect Park, Socrates Sculpture Park)

*Seen Macbeth on Broadway

*Ran on the lawn for the opening movie night at Bryant Park (didn’t know this was top of my list until it happened, but- WOW)

*Got myself to a party that started at 11pm

*Yoga in Times Square

*Yoga in Central Park

*Start monologue coaching

*Kapotasana (still a work in progress, but so much fun!)

*Called a friend when I only had 10 minutes to talk, just to say hello

*Fireworks for the Fourth of July (my neighborhood does fireworks a week early)

*Saw Saturn (and its rings!) through a telescope

And what’s on the horizon….

*See two of my very best friends and their babies in Little Rock, AK (got the ticket!)

*LAS VEGAS (buying the ticket today!)

*Annual family reunion in Orlando, FL (got that ticket too!)

*Brooklyn Botannical Garden

*Rain Room @ MOMA

*See Once on Broadway

*Teach a yoga class in Central Park

*Learn how to body roll

*Read Shakespeare aloud in a park

*Hit up my first Long Island beach (planned for the Fourth)

*Bound wheel

*Learn all the words to Thrift Shop by Macklemore (I'm halfway there at least)

*Dance, dance, dance (a couple of attempts at this have been foiled by really good conversation, but it WILL happen!)

I am enmeshed in a fabric of my own making, in all the right ways.  When I support people by showing up, even if it means a long train ride to Brooklyn or getting only 4 hours of sleep, I am equally held in a place of love and support for my own endeavors.  Marking everything I do #summerofyes has started to rub off.  My co-workers and friends are now using the phrase with regularity.  It might not be three months for you.  It might be just a moment.  But next time you are teetering on the brink of a decision, be open to the possibility of YES.  You won’t regret it.

Be well.