Summer Days, Drifting Away


When I went to sleep last night, I said goodbye to the Summer of Yes.  It was both enthralling and exhausting.  There was sun, sand, and rain.  There were oceans and deserts.  There were movies and plays.  There was drinking and dancing, running and relaxing.  There were cities and states, friends and family.  Experience.  Vitality.  Joy.  

I never did learn how to body roll (yet), but I did learn all the words to Thrift Shop (oh yes).  Horseback riding has been given an extension.

What I've learned, besides how little sleep I actually need to survive, is that something like a Summer of Yes did not happen to me  I happened to it.  It became a gift that I gave myself, one day at a time.  We always have a choice, and for three months straight I practiced choosing in the affirmative, choosing to embrace life in a full-on headlock.  And I have already learned that practice is what makes something a part of you, what makes it stick.  So as I enter the fall, and look toward a somewhat quieter next few months, I am also excited to see where this practice takes me next.  The practice of affirming, of getting of my couch and out the door, to see what it is the world has to offer.

Be well.