Spring Cleaning


With the first buds beginning to bloom and warm weather finally peeping around the corner (let’s hope!), I’ve decided that I could use a little spring cleaning.  My trip to Florida was wonderful in every way, but with all the celebrating I was doing (weddings, birthdays, new babies), there was all too much time for food and drink and all too little for any kind of exercise.

So I’ve decided to take 30 days to spring clean myself from the inside out.  Often at this time I scrub down my apartment or go through my closets, but I’m hoping that feeling cleaner in mind and body will give me the energy to do those things as well!

My challenge(s) officially started April 16th.  There are two of them:

Part 1:  30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge.  I have done one 30 day challenge before, and it was a great, though sometimes tough, experience.  Some pretty wild physical/emotionally linked stuff started to come out near the end, namely a shoulder pain that was pretty debilitating for a couple of weeks.  I never found a cause for it, emotional or physical, but in the end whatever it was worked its way out.  Now that I am in the hot room pretty regularly, I think the biggest part of this challenge will be the convenience.  Going into the city on a day off or making it to that 7am class when it’s the only option.  But I am inspired by how many students daily undertake the 30 day challenge, and I think if they can do it, so can I.

Part 2:  30 Day No Sugar Experiment.  The word diet was a huge part of my vocabulary for the better part of a decade, so for my own sanity, I am calling this an experiment instead.  Last year I gave up meat as an experiment (I eat fish and seafood), and I think my approach is part of what helped it stick.  I am still working on the overall plan, but here is the basic idea:

30 Days No Sugar:  Nothing where sugar is an added ingredient.  This includes honey, agave nectar, etc., just because they are so sweet. 

30 Days No Gluten:  I have eaten “gluten-light” before and it has made me feel pretty good.  I love bread too much to probably ever give it up forever, but part of this experiment is about allowing my body to reset and paying more attention to how my body reacts to certain foods and how they make me feel.

First 10 Days:  No dairy, no carbs, no alcohol.  Yup, it’s pretty strict.  But I figure I can do anything for 10 days.

After the first 10, I think I want to add back yogurt and half and half (for my coffee!), complex carbs such as oatmeal and quinoa, and maybe a few glasses of wine per week.  Maybe some cheese every so often.  We’ll see how it goes.

So what CAN I eat?  Veggies.  Fruit (sugar naturally found and with fiber I am okay with).  Fish and seafood.  Legumes- this is going to save me!  Nuts (almond butter- yumm). 

A few fun things I realized I can still have:  avocados, olives, and hummus.

I don’t want the next 30 days to be all about food, because there’s a lot more to life, but I will be posting some updates periodically.  Any encouraging comments or delicious recipes will be appreciated!  Are you doing any spring cleaning this year?

Be well.