Smile, Darn 'Ya, Smile

Readers, I am not always charming and delightful.

I can be bossy, confrontational, and endlessly persistent (read: extremely irritating).  Some days everything annoys me for absolutely no reason at all.

This doesn't happen terribly often (I don't think...), but when it does I can see it coming and I generally try to keep to myself. Likewise, loved ones seem to have an instinctive self-protection mode that tells them to steer clear of me for the next few hours.

Except for one reckless and equally endlessly persistent loved one.  When I am in a bad mood, he is not only brave enough to talk to me, but he makes it his mission to try to cheer me up.  His method of attack is pretty genius if you know me.  I usually receive a slew of photos via text message.  After 4 or 5 photos, I'm smiling again in spite of myself.

Below are some of my favorites.  May they pass on a few more smiles today.

DISCLAIMER:  (1) If you do not like cute animals, you may not care to view ahead.  (2) These pictures are all taken from other sources, and I do not claim copyright to any of them.


Be well.