Simple Little Things


I had a long lengthy post written for today. It was all about simplicity, and how my recent trip to Ireland has awakened some new perspective within me about what really counts in life. Ironically, the post itself was long, meandering, and upon re-reading, pretty bad. So you won't be reading it here today.

Instead, in honor of life's quiet pleasures and tiny joys, a short list of things that help me simplify my life (which, if you don't happen to know me personally, is something I CONSTANTLY need to do).

1. Get outside- meadow, mountain, forest, and beach will all do.

2. Conveniently forget phone at home. Sometimes I turn on airplane mode if I want available to take pictures. Better yet- conveniently forget phone at home and let boyfriend take pictures instead.

3. Say no. And not just to fun things. It's not a punishment, it's a gift.

4. Purge. Clean out closets, get rid of papers, throw away cosmetics samples that expired three years ago. Be ruthless.

5. Only do one thing at a time. Write an email. Talk to a friend. I can do both. Just not together.

6. Breathe. Morning, noon, and night. Notice. Repeat.

In love and light, Kristen

P.S. This photo is one I actually DID take in Ireland. I just have to plug it for a second as my ancestral homeland, and one of the most beautiful, breathtaking places I have ever been. Erin go bragh!