Retreat, Retreat

Retreat Retreat
Retreat Retreat

I live in a beautiful three bedroom house in the middle of the woods. In the morning I drive to my studio, where I teach roughly two classes a day. The rest of the time, I’m free to read, nap, write, or explore. I can sit on my porch in the sunshine. I can have lunch with a friend any day of the week.

This is my life- for the week anyway. Because I’m not the owner of the three bedroom house; I’m not even the renter. I’m house-sitting for the week, and studio-sitting as well, while the owners are away on vacation. I’m taking the time to dive into some writing projects, to think, and to be quiet.

I’ve wanted a quiet week like this for some time now. A chance to commune (love that word!) with nature, to turn down the volume, to focus on what really matters. (To that end, I’m reading a book titled Essentialism- unfortunately it’s one of about six books I brought with me, so it appears I still have a ways to go on that front). I’m getting to see what it would be like to run a studio, or at least teach full-time in one location. One valuable piece of information: I love getting to connect with the same group of students day in and day out. I love seeing them incorporate an adjustment from yesterday into today’s practice, and I love building on concepts with them from class to class.

If I had told you about this desire for time and space, full of yoga and writing, and you had asked me how I would make it happen, I wouldn’t have given you a terribly creative answer. I might have suggested renting a cabin upstate or signing up for a week-long retreat. I definitely would have talked about the expense and the difficulty of clearing my schedule. My answer would have been limited; I would have spoken from what I thought possible instead of what was ideal.

And yet here I am. The time, the place, the finances- they all came together. It’s not really my doing, I can promise you that. Not beyond having the idea, and being open to the possibility when it showed up. I wanted the chance to retreat. I didn’t know what that would look like when I first conceived of it. So it seems what I’ve heard is true. We must leave the how of it all, how things happen and how things fall into place, in other hands. To God and the universe, the unseen forces and the mysterious ways.

Those mysterious ways are the best creative partner I have ever known. Always thinking outside the box- to get from A to B, sometimes we must pass through G and Q. And what an adventure when we do.



P.S. To the students at NP Rock Yoga: I have so much love for you. It has been incredibly rewarding to watch you show up with such intense commitment to your practice. When you ask me for a star for your 30-day challenge, I couldn’t be prouder. When you tell me you’ve signed up for teacher training because your desire to know this practice more intimately has led to you that huge leap of faith, my heart skips a beat. When your eyes start to shine as you talk about what your yoga practice has done for you, I’m often fighting back tears. When you thank me at the end of class and I say thank you right back, I couldn’t mean it more. You teach me every day, and getting to spend so much quality time with you all has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. <3 <3 <3

P.P.S. If you've not yet noticed that all my post titles are song lyrics, today's the day I let the cat out of the bag. This week's post inspired by Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings - they're so worth a listen!