Resources for Yoga Teachers (and the Yoga-Curious)!

I've been a yoga teacher for 5 years now, and lately the student in me has been craving some new knowledge. So I opened myself up in 2017 to whatever teachings and wisdom might come across my path, to see what else is out there for me to learn. As is often the case, when I ask for something without being overly attached to how it will show up, the universe answers generously. So I wanted to share a few of the resources I've found and been using to broaden my horizons. Some of these are long-form, and some are quite brief.

If you're not a yoga teacher or regular student, fear not! You might just be a human. Who has a body. That you have to live in. And you'd like that to be a pleasant, interesting experience.

If so, read on! Let me know what you found informative or useful, or share some of your favorite resources with me in the comments below!

Podcast: Liberated Body Podcast

I've just come across this podcast, in its fourth (and sadly final) season, but it's awesome. Fairly long-form, episodes are around 45 minutes each. Host Brooke Thomas interviews a different body worker each work for all sorts of fascinating perspectives from the "bodynerds" of the world.

Look(Listen) For: Her "home play" tip at the end of each episode. She recommends something to try in your own body based on the interview, which makes the listening experience a fully embodied one.

Email Newsletter: Yoga Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff

Yoga Anatomy is an online course with Leslie Kaminoff of The Breathing Project (based in NYC). I'm bummed that I didn't get the chance to enroll in The Breathing Project when I lived in New York, but the good news is I still have a chance to learn with Leslie, as well as Breathing Project co-founder Amy Matthews. These two are smart, SO SMART about the body, asana, and its deeper relation to yoga as a whole.

Look For: A short video in your inbox every single week, pulled directly from the Yoga Anatomy course. I've learned a ton of tips that I've brought right into the studio!

Book: The Goddess Pose by Michelle Goldberg

This book is such an interesting read! It's a biography that follows the life of Indra Devi, the woman who is considered to have "brought Yoga to the West." Her life is fascinating, particularly because her role as a woman in the world of yoga was very unique for the time.

Look For: The number of Hollywood celebrities who pop up throughout the story.

Online Forum: Functional Synergy with Susi Hately.

I heard about Susi Hately from a fellow teacher, and luckily I found her in time to sign up for her Female Core and Pelvic Floor Online Conference. As a prenatal yoga teacher, I already knew about a lot of the misconceptions women have about their pelvic floors, especially during and after pregnancy, but she's got some wonderful experts at the conference and there is so much more to learn!

Look For: Susi also has a pretty thorough blog on her website, so there's plenty of free content to digest.