Put Your Hands Up


Say, have you heard the one about it being more blessed to give than to receive?

Me too.

I’m not so sure I buy it.

My eyes tell me a different story every time I teach.  At some point in every class, my students lie on their backs and settle into savasana, the resting pose (also known as corpse pose- Happy Halloween!).  The instructions are “toes flop open, palms face up.”  It’s those palms that keep getting to me.

As I encourage them to become soft and still, to fully sink into an absence of movement for a few moments, I’m inspired to talk about- well, all sorts of random stuff, actually.  A captive audience and all ;)  If they have taken this pose in the middle of a hot class, I will often talk about releasing the heat from their bodies, of giving up the urge to move and giving off some of the energy they have built up from the standing series.  Taking this pose at the end of class, I might talk about being receptive to the quiet, accepting that their hard work has been enough, and opening their hearts and minds.

Ultimately, a savasana is about complete surrender.  And whether surrender is a give or a take is anybody’s guess.  It feels like both to me- giving over completely to a larger power than myself, and taking in fully that which is beyond me.

A simple picture of hands, palms facing toward the sky.  A gesture of offering, or a symbol of acceptance?

Go ahead, try it.

If things must trade places in order to change, if something new means an exchange for something old, then giving and receiving really are part of the same process.  To let go of something old means something new must come in to fill the space.  And to bring in a different element means something familiar will inevitably say goodbye.  And the more we greceive? rive?, the more we grow.

May you bestow so that you may be blessed.  And, you know, vice versa.

Be well.