Paint Your Heart Out


Tonight I stand looking at my kitchen walls.  They are fresh, crisp, and glorious in their Behr Premium Plus Oklahoma Wheat-iness. 

Our old walls were, in a word, hideous.  More than likely there was a grease fire at some point in that kitchen long before our arrival.  Splatters of meals long since cooked and eaten remained on the walls.  A layer of grease and grime due to the poor ventilation covered everything.

I had tried to clean these walls.  I had googled and I had pinterest-ed for solutions.  And then I had nearly given up.  No matter how many hours I spent, those walls were never going to be clean.

But lo and behold, for the cost of a gallon of paint and an all-in-one painting kit at Home Depot, I could have new walls.  A clean slate.  A fresh start.

I’m not entirely sure what the analogy is here to our lives, but I’m fairly certain there is one. 

Maybe sometimes we focus too much on fixing our old problems.  We get fixated on them, and we expend a lot of energy trying to remove the grease and dirt that’s built up over the years.  But sometimes (not in all instances!), when we have really been torturing ourselves, maybe it’s best to paint over what we’re looking at and forget what was underneath entirely.  Maybe that fresh start will give us the burst of energy and excitement to move forward out of that rut we’ve been stuck in- or away from that dirty spot we’ve been scrubbing with a sponge over…and over….and over.  And we all deserve a clean slate once in a while.

Be well.