On the Mat: Plank Pose (Dandasana)


The On the Mat series is back with a tough posture that builds lots of core strength- upper push up/plank.

In a vinyasa flow, this posture immediately follows downward facing dog.  You get there by shifting your hips and your heart forward while staying on your hands and bringing weight into your toes.

Things to remember in plank:

1. In some forms of exercise, the spine is like a ramp with the shoulders higher than the hips.  In yoga we want the spine to be a flat tabletop.

2. Give your body direction to keep it strong!  Push the floor away to come out of your shoulders, reach your heels behind you and the top of your head in front of you.

3.  Modify if you need to!  Sagging hips mean you've collapsed into your low back and your abs have let go.  If this happens, come down to your knees while maintaining a straight spine, firm belly and strong upper body.  The stamina will come with mindful practice.

4.  Breathe.  It will take you far :)

Be well.