On the Mat: Child's Pose (balasana)


Child's pose, or balasana, is one of the most relaxing and restorative poses in yoga.  

I love the way this pose curves so that you wrap in on and support yourself inside the shape.  A class will often start with child's pose in order to help draw your attention inward and center you before beginning your practice.

A few things to think about:

*Child's pose has options.  The arms and legs may feel comfortable in different positions on different days, so continue to offer your body choices.

*Child's pose should above all be comfortable.  If you have a tight lower back or ankles, use a block underneath your forehead, a blanket under your knees, or a rolled up towel underneath your feet until this shape allows you to be heavy.

*The breath will help you sink into this pose, so keep it passive rather than active.  If you can linger for a few moments, the hips will naturally begin to open and the back will gently expand without any forcing or pushing.

*This pose is always a great place to come to if during a class you lose focus, get physical tired, or disconnect with your breath.  It's also a great pose to help you  in everyday life.  If you need to put work aside and move on to something else, a few breaths in child's pose can help ease the transition.

Be well.