On the Mat: Chair Pose


Today's pose is chair/utkatasana.  The name also means fierce, and this pose is definitely a challenging one.

This pose is used to strengthen the legs and build heat quickly in the body.  It's common to take multiple sets of this pose.

There are a number of variations on chair pose, as shown above.  Feet can be together or apart (hips width), arms can be in multiple positions (always elbows straight), and even the spine has options (straight or a C-curve).

Things to think about in chair pose.

*alignment from the ground up.  Often the toes turn out just as soon as you sit down into chair pose.  Come out of the pose slightly, turn toes back in.  You can start to use inner and outer thighs to hold toes/ankles/knees in place.

*counterbalance. Your butty is always sitting down and back, but the reach of the arms is the counterpart to help you stay upright, so keep them strong.  Dropping the weight in your heels helps maintain balance as well.

*breath.  Keep your eyes lifted and your neck long so you can take in more air!  In chair it is critical to breathe a LOT in order to hold the pose.

Utkatasana is not your enemy- it's a great way to make your body and your mind stronger and healthier!  So sit down, sit back, reach up, and breathe.

Be well.