Miss Molly Had a Dolly


I'm a little under the weather today. A bit of a cold: a nose that's somehow stuffy and runny at the same time, and slight body aches that are just insistent enough to slow me down.

And it's got me thinking about perspective. With Thanksgiving less than a week away, it's the requisite time for the internet to explode with #gratitude. I guess I'm jumping on the train a little early this year.

I used to eschew the idea that in order to value good, you had to experience bad. I thought there was a world, a way to live, in which I could embrace only the bright and shiny, and never have to encounter the dirty and ugly. (It was some sort of twisted perfectionism, but that's a thought for anther day).

I don't believe it anymore, at least not in the context of the practicality of the world we live in. Things happen. Sometimes they feel bad. And they help us to recognize the good.

So as I sniffle and sigh (and snort, if we're being honest), I'm noticing how different this is from my usual state of being. I'm aware that my normal is bright eyes and a clear head, a body that agreeably follows my wishes and whims, a deep well of energy and power. If being a little bit sickie has slowed me down, it's also given me cause to pause, to recognize the strength that I take for granted as mine every other day.

Be well.

*title (one of my favorite nursery rhymes, though this version is a little creepy)