Living on the...



It's happened.

Long ago (probably very long ago), I casually mentioned there would be some changes round these parts. I may or may not have posted a picture of a screenshot of a video (meta-meta) to social media. There was perhaps a photo shoot. A logo design. And in fact, you're reading these very words on the brand spankin' new Edge of the Mat website!

If I had to describe what it felt like to see this huge undertaking up and running, live for all of the internet to see (well, my tiny corner of the internet but still), the feeling would be- like I wanted to throw up, actually. There is a huge team of amazing people behind this undertaking. Countless emails. Phone calls. Tears. Resistance, oh the resistance. This has been about 13 months in the making, since the day I signed up for Your Other Dream Job online training and decided I want to transform Edge of the Mat into more than just a space for me to write.

So when I saw the site live, and after determining that in fact, my breakfast was going to stay down, I realized that the feeling I was having was vulnerability. And then I realized that the feeling was telling me that I'm exactly where I need to be. And I know I'll be okay, because you're here with me too.

Enough about my feelings, here's the rundown of what's what here:

1. New website! Photos by Daniel Martin Cohen, site by Roundhouse Designs. Check her out. I think she's pretty.

2. Opt-in! A proper form to join my list and get these words, plus info. about upcoming events, straight to your inbox. Plus a free gift, the Early Morning Wakeup Practice, a 12-minute yoga video to help you start the day off right. Which leads me to...

3. Videos! I've created a video series (with the help of some amazing yogis, generous friends, and hardworking video crew) to help you practice wherever, whenever. Best of all, you pay what you can. Enjoy!

4. Coaching! Last but not least, I'm debuting Edge of the Mat Coaching. I'm ready to help people in a new way, by creating a practice for living that goes beyond yoga and into every aspect of daily life.

Please read, download, and watch as you like. Comment here or send me an email ( - that's new too!) and let me know what you think. If you enjoy, please share with someone you think would enjoy it too. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here.

In love and light, Kristen