It's the Best Day Ever


photo credits to the fabulous Angie and Mary

At the risk of over-celebrating (actually, I’m definitely overcelebrating, at least on social media), this entire post is about #bestday, also known as last Saturday.

Every since I started The Artist’s Way back in the spring, I have been dying to go horseback riding.  Every time I had to make a list, whether it be “childhood activities you loved,” “things that would make you feel free,” or “what you would do if money were no object,” I wrote horseback riding down first.  With truly only a handful of experiences under my belt, it was somehow this magical experience of my youth that symbolized everything missing from my citified, creatively-stifled existence as an adult.

Now happily creatively unstuck, I finally planned myself an equine date at Juckas Stables, in upstate New York (upstate, I’ve learned, is that vague term that describes anyplace that is not Manhattan, Connecticut, or Jersey).  I wisely decided to add some interested friends to my solo day, and our quartet started the morning with bagels and coffee.  Brooklyn Bagel, so we already knew it was going to be a good day.

Despite the rain that was not impending, but pouring, as we rolled out of Queens, our spirits were high.  The skies cleared as we approached the stables- well, what we thought were the stables.  Turns out instead of being located at 302 Bull Mill Road, we were looking for Road 302 in Bullville, NY….oops.  We made it- eventually.

My horse’s name was Justin, and we were quickly fast friends.  I am always in awe of how powerful horses are, and I love the sassiness of their personalities.  Although they are trained and they know what to do, you can be sure that they will test your limits at some point.

After the most beautiful ride through some of the loveliest forest I have ever seen (all russet and gold and autumn orange), we headed to our next stop- Fishkill Farm.

There is nothing so amazing as:  A hayride through an apple orchard, operated by a driver named Robin, who tells you corny jokes which all lead into popular reggae tunes; picking your own kale right out of the ground; biting into an ear of roasted corn; and maybe best of all, eating an apple cider donut that is so delicious, you finally understand what a worthwhile dessert was meant to taste like.

By this time, our crew had long since coined the phrase #bestday, and we couldn’t stop marveling at the amazingness of being outside, in the fresh air, on a farm, amid nature, you get the idea.

Last stop was a winery, where we played Scattegories and hearts, all while listening to the local Doors tribute band rock it out on a Saturday night.

I’m not sure this post has much of a point.  Except.  Except to celebrate the joy I found in finally giving myself a chance to get away from it all.  I will carry that brisk fall air (and the kale!) in my heart for many chilly winter days to come.

Be well.