Hi there!

Hi there reader!  I’m Kristen.  This is Edge of the Mat.  It’s about taking the teachings and practice of yoga outside the studio.  It’s about the questions that come up- the ones we ask because we’re human.  It’s about looking for those answers on a search for meaning, happiness, and peace.  Hopefully, it’s about finding grace. My yoga practice, and my continuing process of developing as a teacher, have made me think more deeply, feel more fully, and live more passionately- in certain moments- than I ever have before.  I just knew this practice had the ability to enhance all the things I loved, to smooth out the rough patches on the road ahead.  I wanted yoga to apply to the crazy, messy collage that is who I am, all the angles and aspects, the contradictions and the harmonies. And I think that as I muddle through, my insights might be valuable for other people looking at their own crazy, messy collages. I know I will learn much from you, reader.

It want this blog to be accessible to anyone, not just current yoga practitioners. Most posts won’t be directly about postures, but I will explain those references as they come up.  Always feel free to contact me with your questions.  If you already have an established practice- good for you J.

Thank you for your company on this journey.

Be well, Kristen


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