Happy New Year


Welcome back gentle readers. 

As we start the new year, I am excited to be returning to Edge of the Mat.  My attitude as I face 2013 has largely been shaped by some of the amazing experiences I had in 2012.  There are lots of posts regarding how I passed the last few weeks in my absence from the blogging world to follow, but I think a lovely way to start the New Year is to share some of my- not resolutions, and perhaps not even goals, but perhaps- “things to think about” for 2013. 

Kristen’s New Year’s List

1.  Trust myself, my decisions, and my abilities more.

2.   Make fewer rules, resolutions, and ultimatums. (haha)

3.  Stay open to meeting new people, seeing new places, and having new experiences.

4.  Let the fight, worry and desperation go from my acting career. 

5.  Allow who I am to be enough for everybody else. 

6.  Play my part in making 2013 a better year for all of humanity, whatever that part may be.

I would love to hear some of your thoughts about New Year’s too!

In any moment, anything can happen.  We feel that buzz of limitless potential and things to come most strongly on January 1st.  A toast to carrying that sense of wonder and possibility with us all year long.

May your 2013 be full of peace, love, and joy.

Be well.