Free To Be You And Me

Meditation seems to be THE buzzword right now. From corporate execs to pro athletes, everyone has gotten their head in the game- so to speak. (hey, I know at LEAST two people who will appreciate that joke).

Earlier this week I was sitting in this group of powerful amazing people- seriously though, the potential energy inside that room could have blown the roof off- talking about a meditation practice.

Most of the conversation ended up focusing on two topics: money and time. No surprise right, these are two obstacles that show up over and over again in the face of just about anything that would be fun, beneficial, or even transformational.

It got me thinking. To me, meditation is a way of bringing my whole self together, body/mind/spirit/anything else you’d like to add together in a series of present moments. If that’s the case, then meditation falls into the simple but not necessarily easy category. The practice is simple, practicing it not necessarily so.

My own meditation practice is pretty humble- and pretty recent, too. I started meditating on the regular less than three months ago. The practice had been on my mind for a while, but I was ultimately inspired by one of my teachers, who wrote:

If you are new to meditation I recommend to sit on your couch for 3 minutes every morning and simply watch your breath. Try not to do anything at all, and don't worry if you're doing it right. Don't try to go deeper or think less, simply be. –Jared McCann

And this, friends, is exactly what I did. I set the alarm on my phone for 3 minutes, closed my eyes, and existed. The next day I did it again. I’m up to a whopping 8 minutes now, but those are some of the calmest moments of my day. Financially, it cost me nothing. Time-wise, well, I don’t imagine any of us have much “free time” these days; yet I haven’t missed out on any major events or opportunities by carving out 8 minutes for myself each morning.

I make a living in the field of health and wellness. I certainly believe in paying professionals for the tools they have to offer, and I am a HUGE fan of teachers, coaches, and guides along life’s journey. But I guess my point is this: If you don’t have the means to take on a big meditation training right now, that’s okay. You can still begin. Start small and see what happens. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It almost certainly won’t be. Meditation is about tapping back into yourself, and in that regard, you already have everything you need. You, me, all of us. We have the power to give ourselves everything we are seeking. We only have to decide to claim it.

xxoo, Kristen


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