(Smoothies and Singing- what I've been up to recently!)

Hi friends.  I wanted to let you know that video of my cabaret, Dream On, is live on Youtube.  Watch clips or the whole show by clicking here.  This was a huge undertaking for me, and I'm really proud to be able to share it with you.

Remember back, oh, I don’t know- three months ago?  I wrote about how green smoothies were changing my world, and a little book called The Artist’s Way was beginning to blow my mind? 

Remember how I never wrote about those things ever again? 

Well, I’m kind of the worst.  I got started on some new projects, and I became so consumed with doing them that it wasn’t until long afterward (i.e. about now) that I found the time to reflect on and write about them.

Soul Body System, led by my most wonderful new discovery of a person, Beth Wittig Clayton, took off running with green smoothies and never slowed down.  That transformative experience I had been craving, that tapping into a connection with a deeper part of myself, is exactly what I got out of the program.  We ended in June, and I am still blending fistfuls of spinach into my Nutribullet every morning.  I feel like I’m finally able to have a relationship with food that is not driven by guilt (although she still makes an appearance every now and then).  And being with a group of like-minded people, my sangha, on that journey reminded me of how powerful we can be when we come together.  The energy, will, and courage of those ladies and gentleman was and continues to be inspirational. 

And then there was The Artist’s Way, completely opposite in some ways.  Rather than feeding off of strong group support, this was a solo journey, just me and a whole lot of journaling.  All the things I thought were my personal insecurities- art isn’t a worthy enough pursuit, artists don’t deserve to make money- were actual chapters in this book!  All the little hurts I’d accumulated over the years, just by virtue of being a person- I had to write them all down.  I had to write them ALL down.  And read them, and confront them, and breathe a bunch.  But as Julia promised (the author of this book and I are now on a first name basis), I came out on the other side.  It’s really this book, and the determination of one of my beautiful friends, that inspired me to put on a cabaret. 

I feel so differently now than I did a few months ago, at the tail end of a winter that wouldn’t quit, weary all over.  I feel light, and clear, and focused.  I have big plans, and I finally know in which direction I’m headed.  I would never have anticipated it would be this perfect storm of creative endeavor and health coaching that would have brought me here.  So I guess that is to say, if you know you need something in your life, keep asking.  Ask the universe, ask God, tell your friends.  Declare it right out loud.  And then keep your heart open.  Don’t worry about how it will happen, or what it will look like when it comes.  Keep living as fully and as well as you know how, but never stop asking for what you need.  Little by slowly, you will surely find that change has crept through your door and found a home.

Be well.


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