'Cause Me Eat Healthy Food

Don’t forget the next karma yoga class is being held Tuesday, June 3rd, at 7pm.  Email sweenes@gmail.com or click here to RSVP on Facebook!  Today's post relates to healthy eating.  And there’s no way this video can NOT make you smile.


And in keeping with today’s theme, one of the biggest game changers for me since I started my two new projects (Excavation: True Self) has been drinking a green smoothie every morning.  It was our very first assignment for Soul Body System, and to be honest, when I heard that was our homework, I was pissed.  I thought we were just going to talk about our feelings and then all our eating, food, and body image issues would magically disappear.  You’re telling me there’s work involved?

The idea of green smoothies was particularly unappealing to me.  I always associated any sort of green liquid with “those kinds of people,” meaning, I guess, health nuts.  People who would just as happily drink their salads as eat them, and who would even more happily run into a grassy meadow and start pulling up their lunch by the handful.  My defense was always “I don’t like things that taste like dirt,” or even more self-righteously, “I prefer to eat my calories.  I think it’s unnatural to drink foods you’re meant to be chewing.”

Well, regardless of what I thought, I had to drink the damn thing anyway.  And after a couple of failed attempts (maybe it’s just my blender, but using kale I got a crunch smoothie every time…yuuuuuuucccky) and a kitchen full of spinach bits, I found a recipe I enjoy.

Not only that…and I almost hate to admit this…I love my green smoothie.  I wake up every morning craving it.  I eat some other food to go along with it, but it’s very satisfying.  And I have a TON more energy.  I teach a 7am class every Thursday, and it used to be absolute torture to wake up “in the sixes.”  I’m not saying it’s a million laughs a minute at 6:15, but my eyes definitely open, and I no longer need to immediately fall asleep after I’m done teaching.  Late afternoon naps, once a staple, have all but disappeared.  Now when I feel sleepy, I realize it’s more out of habit than anything else.  I look for something new to keep my interest, and the nap is usually almost immediately forgotten.

The other hilarious part is that once I started talking about this green smoothie and how good I felt, all kinds of “normal” people (by which I guess I mean people who don’t take food too seriously and aren’t totally restrictive) who have been in the know forever also revealed their verdant passions.  My stubbornness had kept me in the dark for far too long.  Cue clouds parting and heavenly revelatory music!

The recipe I use is below.  It’s pretty straightforward and simple.  I know some of you may be non-believers, but in the spirit of scientific inquiry, try drinking a green smoothie every morning for a week, and let me know how you feel.  You can also make a batch and store it in the fridge for multiple days.  Good luck!

Quick and Easy Green Smoothie

Two handfuls spinach

½ banana

1 dollop plain greek yogurt

One handful berries (any kind you like, or mixed.  Frozen berries make the drink cold)

1 to 1 ½ cups water

Put in blender.  Blend.

(I usually also eat either two eggs or the other half of the banana with a spoonful of peanut butter to round out breakfast.)


(This photo has been edited to be fun-looking!  Your green smoothie will not actually look radioactive!)

Be well.