Big News!

Sometimes clarity comes to you all at once, a lightning-bolt-style flash of realization that illuminates exactly what you want and where you need to go next. This has not been one of those times.

I started Edge of the Mat as a blog in September of 2012, a full 5 years ago. I was a newly minted yoga teacher, and the yoga practice was opening me up in all kinds of ways. I had a yearning to say more than I was able to express during the span of a single class. I wrote this in my very first post:

Hi there reader!  I’m Kristen.  This is Edge of the Mat.  It’s about taking the teachings and practice of yoga outside the studio.  It’s about the questions that come up- the ones we ask because we’re human.  It’s about looking for those answers on a search for meaning, happiness, and peace.

The essence of those words still ring true, which actually makes me quite happy. (Although I have since ditched the double spaces between sentences.)

The shape of Edge of the Mat itself, however, has continued to evolve over the last 5 years. In that evolution, which has been anything but a straight line forward, I’ve gotten much clearer about exactly HOW I can best help people take their practice of yoga outside the studio, on that quest for meaning, happiness, and peace.

So today marks the day when Edge of the Mat takes a turn in a new direction. I am excited (really, really excited, and also a little bit fluttery and nervous) to share that after 5 years of questioning and seeking, I’ve uncovered where we’re headed next.

Going forward, Edge of the Mat is going to focus on yoga teachers, and specifically, on holistic strategy that helps yoga teachers build rewarding and sustainable teaching careers.

I’ll be offering a combination of education and coaching to help teachers to this end. Some of these resources will be free, and some of them will be paid. Edge of the Mat is transitioning from a hobby to a business, and what I love about this transition is it means I’ll have more time and energy to devote to this space, its content, and the role of helping others.

Plus, I get to geek out about thing like color-coding your calendar, writing awesome emails, and serious self-care. I so clearly see an empty space in the world of yoga teachers, a space that’s just the right size and shape for my unique collection of experiences. And that coming together-whoosh!-talk about having every part of yourself in the same place at the same time-it’s exhilarating (and still a bit fluttery and nervous).

I know that a number of my readers are not yoga teachers, and I want to make sure I address that head-on, because I have heard many kind words from you about my blogs over the years.

You are not uninvited to the party.

In fact, I would love you to stay on as part of this community! And if you are interested in these kinds of topics, you will probably still benefit from sticking around:

*Setting boundaries, personally and professionally

*Taking care of yourself so you can take care of others

*Revamping your calendar to make time for the things you really want to be doing

*Improving relationships with your employers and your clients

*Creating a better work/life balance

*Deconstructing old beliefs about money, work, and your personal worth

*Finding financial stability as a freelancer with highly variable income

*Putting yourself in the driver’s seat of your career

*Using your time more efficiently

*Exploring how career success is bound up in your perceptions of what’s possible

In other words, if you feel you can mentally “yoga teacher” with your own career path when reading, there’s a lot to be gained by being here.

On the other hand, if this no longer feels like the right place for you, feel free to unsubscribe. No hard feelings, all love.

I can’t thank you enough for your support of Edge of the Mat. Every time this project felt like a hassle or I was ready to give it up, I received a text or an email one of you, saying that what you read here had really helped you in some way. That’s truly the thing that has kept me going, and I am so very grateful.

I know that whether or not you remain a subscriber, I have your continued support as Edge of the Mat and I move into this next phase of our journey. I am excited to help yoga teachers move forward in their careers, and in doing so, to help all of us live the practice of yoga in every moment of our lives.