Autumn Song


Dad and I checking out the Cloisters at Ft. Tryon Park.

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A little poem today, inspired by this gorgeous weather we are having here in NYC!

I’m grateful for the sunshine, In November when it comes, I’m grateful for the bales of hay, And orange chrysanthemums.

For pumpkin seeds and acorn squash, The way the dry leaves rustle, Apple picking at the orchard, I’m thankful to eat brussels.

To visit ones I hold so dear, I’m grateful for the planes. To head up north, my other home, I’m grateful for the trains.

For morning fog, and morning yoga, candles burning bright. For cozy socks, and heated rooms, and extra blankets at night. Root vegetables, and cinnamon, a crispness in the air. For holidays, and trick-or-treats, for evening walks and yummy sweets. I’m grateful for so many things, but now I’m at the bottom Of a long, long list- when all I meant to say is HAPPY AUTUMN.

xxxooo, Kristen