Anything Could Happen


I am still living it up in sunny Florida, and for the first time in years, I spent the night of December 31st with my family (and a good friend who drive in for the evening!).  They say that in your 20s you figure out that your parents are actually really cool and that you would love to spend time with them.  I suppose it’s true J 

Aside from an exciting 5 minute dance party when Macklemore took the stage in Times Square, it was a pretty quiet night, mostly filled with eating, laughing, and forgetting where you put down your glass of wine.

I have been thinking about New Year’s Eve, because I find it to be a holiday with a lot of hype.  In New York, going anywhere involves spending a whole lot of money to do the same thing you could do on any other night.  Sure, there’s champagne, and fireworks, and a lot more toasting, but it so often seems to be an evening tied to a pressing need to HAVE FUN.  As the majority of my “best nights ever” have been spontaneous evenings when I probably didn’t think I was going to leave the house, I don’t get overly excited about forcing myself to make New Year’s Eve epic.

And yet, I still love watching the ball drop, counting down those final 10 seconds, shouting “Happy New Year,” clinking glasses, and hugging all around.  I think the night continues to be magical even without all the glitter and glamour.  When the clock ticks to exactly midnight and the year has ended, it’s so clear in its finality.  Something is over.  And as soon as you wake up on January 1st, there are resolutions to make, commitments to keep, and plans to hatching.  What goals will be accomplished?  Where will you rededicate yourself?  Which new adventures will you begin?

But from 12:00:01 until you go to sleep New Year’s Eve, whenever that may be, there are no plans to plan.  There is only life to live.  I think the real draw of the holiday is that for that one glorious evening, it pulls all of us into the present moment.  We are here and now, and until the morning comes, we are shed of all our old responsibilities and have yet to pull on the mantle of new ones.  We are cradled between future and past, suspended, and all together we embrace exactly who and what and where we are.  Anything can happen, and we welcome it, because we have not yet made the choices that will tell us who we are in the year to come. 

Can it really be that one of the craziest party nights of the year brings the whole world together, from one time zone to the next, to experience the same suspension that can be found in meditation?  The same firm rooting to the here and now, the take-me-for-what-I-am bear hug celebration of life?  Maybe it’s a stretch.  I’d like to think there’s something to it.

May this year, this week, this day, fill your heart with light and love.  May you receive all that you need, (at least) some of what you want, and a few surprises you haven't yet considered.

Be well.


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