All I'm Asking for is Change

More so than usual, there are a whole lot of things I want right now.  It feels as though my entire life is on the brink of being pushed to the next level, and that transition is weird uncomfortable.  I am simultaneously impatient and overwhelmed, not quite sure of what small step next to take because the possibility of potential feels so enormous. 

I want a dog- a furry poodle mix that I can love and devote myself to.  I want to live alone and decorate an apartment from top to bottom to feel like a “real” adult.  I want more financial stability, just enough so that money isn’t something I worry about.  I want my blog to have a greater reach because I really believe in the power of yoga, and that this blog is some sort of vessel to convey that to others.  I want the chance to perform (real, real bad).   I want a meaningful relationship and to love deeply again.  I want to travel.  Vegas. Maine. Canada. The Caribbean. South America. Europe. Need I go on?

In the midst of all this yearning and longing, I needed a a jumpstart to roar this engine of change into action.  So I took the most obvious next step I could think of:

I got bangs.


A wise woman told me that change happens like a domino effect: when one thing tips and spills, everything else is going down too.  And a wise man I know says that when we take action, the universe has to respond by accommodating what we have done differently.  In that case, shove over universe, because my bangs and I need some room to take on the world.

So, the bangs.  I’m in love.  But this was a difficult battle.  Even my stylist, bless him, tried to talk me out of it.  My hair The texture of my hair and the size of my forehead (it’s really pretty small) were signs to head back at every turn.  He felt safer in the territory of face-framing layers, where I’ve been for the last 10 years.  But I didn’t want to play it safe this time.  I took a risk, and it paid off.

And it really is true that the universe has changed to accommodate my new hair.  I have now made the time to straighten my bangs every time I shower, which is a lot of work considering how many classes I teach.  Impractical, maybe, but the effort is completely worthwhile.   I never thought I would be a girl who could use a heat styling tool on a daily basis, but suddenly here I am. 

Change your hair, change your life.  That’s what I’ve heard anyway.  And this is the Summer of Yes.  It’s yes to hard work, challenges, and maybe falling flat on my face just as much as it’s yes to beer gardens and weekends upstate.  It’s about seeing what I can create for myself, right here and now.  Just me, my bangs…and my flatiron.

Be well.