A Piece of Sky


I absolutely adore my apartment.  Plenty of light, plenty of room, clean and (fairly) organized.  Each room has its own distinct character, a unique feeling and sense of space.  I love my couch, my television, even my vacuum cleaner. 

But the best part of my place is not something I bought to put inside or hung up on the walls.  It’s this little secret, ironically, in my bathroom.  There is one window in the bathroom, right alongside the shower.  And if you look directly out the window, you can see the top of the subway platform, an enormous satellite dish, and a plethora of power lines. 

But.  But but but.  If you stand in the shower, at just the right angle, off to one side, and carefully look up, you see- only blue sky.  Blue, blue sky and the top of a little tree.  And you could be anywhere.  Or maybe more accurately, in the middle of nowhere.  With nothing but yourself and wide open space all around everywhere.

A step to the left, a tilt of the chin, and choosing to see exactly what you want to see.  It’s not an illusion exactly, or even a delusion.  The sky is true.  Peeping over the rooftops, it’s really and truly there.  It’s the right frame and the proper perspective that obscure everything else and allow you to simply take in the view.

Be well.