Do you need help finding classes to teach?

Do you ever catch yourself thinking “Good classes are hard to find” ?

One of the most common concerns yoga teachers share with me is that it doesn’t seem like there are enough teaching opportunities to go around.

Or maybe the teaching opportunities are available, but you’re not sure how to land them.

Newer teachers or those freshly graduated from TT often feel like finding classes to teach is an impossible or overwhelming task.

And seasoned teachers who have been with one or two studios for years might be intimidated by the idea of putting themselves out there to try to teach somewhere new.

Then there are the teachers who have just picked up or moved to a different city and are entering a teaching market where they have no connections.

It’s a lot to handle.

But it’s vital that you are able to find great classes to teach, because that’s how you share your message of yoga with the world. If you’re a trained teacher who wants to be actively working with students, it’s because the yoga practice has changed you in some way. You want to facilitate the same kind of change and transformation in your students.

And you deserve every opportunity to do so, because frankly, this world could use more yoga.

So how do you make it easier to find classes?

There are two critical components to finding great teaching opportunities.

The first is mindset. If you catch yourself thinking “good classes are hard to find” or “there’s so much competition out there,” you’re in what’s called a scarcity mindset. That means that the belief system you are choosing to adopt--and it’s a belief system, no matter how much it feels like the truth--is that there aren’t enough teaching opportunities for the people who want them, namely you.

When you buy into the scarcity mindset, a few things happen. You are less willing to take action because you think it won’t make a difference. If you do take action, there’s a self-defeating attitude or the feeling that it won’t work out anyway that underlies all your interactions. You compete with your fellow teachers for classes or students instead of recognizing that you’re all on the same team. You subconsciously tune out opportunities that come your way.

If this sounds less than ideal, you’re absolutely right. This is not what you signed up for when you joined a yoga teacher training. This is not the feeling of unity with yourself and the world around you that you probably get from the yoga practice. In fact, it’s about as far as you can get from that feeling.

The way to escape the scarcity mindset is ultimately to adopt a new belief system about the world, to go from “good classes are hard to find” to “there are plenty of great teaching opportunities available.” Remember, this is all a construction inside your head. One reality is as true as another, it just depends on which world you’d like to live in.


Step #1: Come face-to-face with your beliefs.

The first step is to recognize the core belief that feels true but that is also holding you back.

In our example we’ll use: Good classes are hard to find.

You want to start shifting toward a new mindset in a realistic way. So if you’ve totally bought into the idea that “good classes are hard to find,” it might not feel true to tell yourself that instead, “good classes are easy to find.” That might be too big of a leap for right now, and that’s okay.

Find a belief that feels equally true as “good classes are hard to find” but opens up more possibility. Here are a couple of examples:

    It’s possible to find good classes to teach.

    There are good classes out there.

This is a small step but it might already be creating big shifts in your perspective. Anytime you find yourself thinking “good classes are hard to find,” consciously switch your inner dialogue to “there are good classes out there” or whatever you’ve chosen.

This is a powerful tool for your subconscious. You’ll be surprised how much broader the world seems, how many more options become available once you shift your belief system.

You can even meditate on your new belief as a mantra to help ingrain it more deeply into your worldview.


Step #2: Get a process that works.

Once you’ve given yourself an attitude adjustment, there’s one more important thing you’ll need in order to find great classes to teach: an effective process for approaching yoga studios.

Having a process that works over and over again is what distinguishes you as a professional who can consistently find classes to teach vs. a teacher who just “got lucky” and landed a couple of classes.

I’m going to share this process with you in my free 5 Day Challenge: Land Your Next Big Teaching Gig. I’ll walk you through a step-by-step method to finding great classes to teach--no matter where you live or how much teaching experience you have. We start May 14th.

This 5 Day Challenge is for teachers who are committed to moving their careers forward and want to find more (or better) classes to teach. If that’s not you, no need to sign up (and no hard feelings!).

But if you’re ready to put aside the beliefs that are holding you back and get clear and focused when it comes to finding classes to teach, then make sure to join us. The challenge starts Monday May 14th. I’ll see you there.