Baby’s Got a Brand New Home!

It’s here! It’s here!

If you’re reading this post, then you’ve already made it to the brand-new home for Edge of the Mat. 

Please have a look around. Read a few blog posts or grab a free resource. Stay awhile. Tell a friend.

The new Edge of the Mat came together in a single week, through a 5-day process with June Mango Design Boutique (who I highly recommend!). My husband Greg took most of the photos on the site, and other images are contributed by Dan Cohen and Skyler June. (Thank you!!)

I was recently reminded of how easy it is to blow through our accomplishments without ever giving them the recognition they’re due. This is especially common for people who are always moving forward and looking for the next challenge to tackle. 

It’s valuable and important to pause, reflect, and look back on all the hard work you’ve put into achieving a goal. The next steps will come (they always do), but taking a moment to say “Wow, I did that” feels really good.

I worked on the copy of this website for the better part of a year. The images came out of 5 separate photo shoots. I recorded that video on the homepage 12 different times. And I spent hours and hours over a 5-day period going through the site with a fine-tooth comb until I was satisfied. 

And when it was over, I took a step back. I gave myself permission to celebrate and be proud.

Wow, I did that. 

And then I had a glass of champagne.


Achieving our goals is important, but celebrating our accomplishments is how we really know we’ve arrived. It’s a sign that we can let ourselves receive the good vibes and the deep fulfillment that comes from working hard at something and having it pay off.

Which is such good motivation, by the way, for moving forward. :)

So today I raise a glass (metaphorically, I’m writing this before noon on a weekday!) to you. I want to acknowledge the goals you’ve reached. 

And I hope you’ll take a moment today to look back at something you’ve achieved, and to be proud of yourself, and to say “Wow, I did that.”